Secretary Clinton: Equality VS Gun Control.

I am a big fan of Secretary Clinton and I do look at her as a role model. Nevertheless, as a linguist, I am disappointed in her last statement following the Wednesday night’s shooting at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Secretary Clinton stated that “we can’t hide from the truth of white privilege.”

Secretary Clinton is way stronger and bolder than just admitting the truth because there is "no other place to hide for it." The first official who called women's right as human rights can do more for us, then just admit the truth, becasue we have to.

The lady who is strong enough to run for the oval office is strong enough to tell the “ truth,” becasue it is the truth. She is strong enough to stand up for it. 

As a linguist, I feel the statement implies that admitting the truth is our last resort not the first.

I also noticed that Secretary Clinton chose to show her support for the minority groups in a form of a “negated sentence.”

Rather than utilizing a strong affirmative statement such as “America is all for equality. We are all equal. We are one: one American citizen who enjoys the same rights and bears the same responsibility.” Secretary Clinton chose to say “ we can’t hide from the truth.” As if the truth is forced upon us, against our own wills and wishes, and we have no other option, but to admit it. 

Furthermore, Secretary Clinton utilized a negated sentence to express one of the most fundamental American values i.e. equality.

Negation is the weakest form of expressing an idea. Rather than telling someone don’t lie, just ask them to tell the truth.

Affirmation is always the way to make a difference.

We all admire Martin Luther King Jr “Dream Speech” because he showed us the way for the dream to come true, not because he negated “ the ugly truth.”

Secretary Clinton could have said " we have issues of white supremacy and I will address them. I am here standing with you to address them. Elect me to deal with them." 

I understand that Secretary Clinton was advocating for gun reforms to keep guns out of the hands of the criminals. Yet, equality is the foundation on which America was built and found.

Equality the most fundamental American value which should have been more prominent in Secretary Clinton’s statement.

Prehaps, Secretary Clinton wanted to find a happy medium where she admits the truth but she doesn't upset some of her prospective voters.

I think Secretary Clinton could have gain way more if she expressed her stance more clearly. All the minorities would have identified with her. The African Americans, the Hispanics, the Asians, and the women. Secretary Clinton would have given us a voice. Equalty units us.


As a linguist, I feel the statement implies that admitting “the truth” is America’s last resort not the first. Thus, we ( the U.S) decided to admit the truth of the white supremacy, just because we can’t hide from it anymore. Had we been successful in hiding from the truth, then we would.
Mishkat said…
Thank you, Theron! I really appreciate your feedback. However, if it is "the truth," then we need to say it out loud. We should be forth coming, not saying it, because we can't hide from it. You see, Martin Luther King,Jr. said " I have a dream" using affirmative sentence. He didn't say " we can't hide from the truth." I believe Secretary Clinton is a capable candidate, I want her to shine. Thus, ALL the minorities would rally behind her. I want her to give us a voice.
It is packed full of misinformation about nuclear energy along with subtle and not so subtle promotion of natural gas, one of nuclear energy’s strongest competitors.
Mishkat said…
Thank you for your kind comment, Theron! As you can see from the post, it has nothing to do with nuclear energy nor natural gas. It is just a humble observation comparing the impact of the affirmative sentence to that of the negate sentence.

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