Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Attorney Representing Women

In Iraq, I worked as an attorney representing marginalized groups- mainly women and workers. Women seeking a divorce, custody, or child support, workers seeking compensation for work injuries.
After graduating from the Law School, I joined the Bar Association, and then I went to the courthouse on a daily basis in hopes of landing a client. I didn’t care much about criminal cases or civil litigations. I was passionate about the Family Law. I related a lot to women and their struggle to receive child support or to end an abusive relationship. 

After months, I landed my first case. I was representing a woman seeking child support. The case was a bit challenging because the ex-husband tried to hide his real income. I didn’t have access to a private investigator because there was none.

The husband also hired a highly qualified attorney with many years of experience. But I was motivated to win my first case to establish myself as an attorney.