I would like to share my stories with you. Have been to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, France, Italy, Germany, UK, then at last you land at the U.S. You still down for the first time in your life. I have.

Early 1973, my family was trying to escape the Lebanese Civil War, early 80s, I witnessed the longest war in the modern history, the Iraq-Iran War 1980-1988. Later, in 1991-1992, I survived the first Gulf War, I lived through U.S sanctions imposed on Iraq 1991-2003. I also survived the second Gulf war 2003 including an assignation attempt on my life.  Too many wars! Yes, but I smile all the time, I laugh from the bottom of my heart. I embrace a positive attitude. Talk to me five seconds, and I will make you laugh or at least smile. Do you what to know how I did it? Please read my stories.  Oh, by the way, I am not seventy years! Sorry to disappoint you. I a young female professional.


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  1. These wars become part of us, formed us, lead us and even shape our personalities.

    Thank you for Sharing that with us

  2. John Bell says:

    Thank you for writing. Unfiltered Voices like yours that can reflect from the center of the storm contribute much to understanding.

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