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Women and the Environment (WATEO) works on environmental peacebuilding by bringing communities together to manage their own environment. WATEO achieves its mission by offering an expert opinion, workshops, research, and seminars.

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This is a consulting business that is established to provide an expert opinion on environmental peacebuilding in the Middle East.

Often times, the security threats that are resulting directly from ill-designed environmental policies get ignored, simply because we understand the environment as " protecting the trees."  Thus, peace is lost, due to ignoring the environment. For example, the timber policy in Afghanistan resulted in a proxy war against the U.S. Soldiers. Click here to read more about it.

Additionally, and due to excluding women from participating in planning and implementing any security plans, the world is facing a security dilemma called "female suicide bombers." Click here to read more about it.

It is the mission of this business to  support the effort of environmental peacebuilding in the Middle East and empower women to take part in this process. Training workshops, seminars, and consultations are utilized to achieve this mission.


A colleague of mine asked me to talk about Iraqi women’s rights. It is a topic that I am emotionally attached to it. It is harder for me to write about these topics. They bring many memories; sad ones though. I decided to explain “it’ in a story telling format. I hope that is acceptable [...]


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