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My Moment!

Earning a Law Degree in Iraq

It was September 1987, when I joined the Law School at the University of Baghdad. I was among the 10 women out of the 500 students who sat in the front row of the class hoping to get their law degrees.

 The first hour was in criminology. The professor entered the class, looked around and said; “What are the women doing here? Go now and join the nursing school where you belong.You will never make it into building a career in law.”

The society in Baghdad praised itself to be civilized towards women, yet in reality, women were viewed as second-class citizens. Society accepted women as nurses, not as attorneys.

I didn’t join the nursing school. Becoming a nurse was not my passion.  I continued my studies at the Law School. I worked hard to analyze and argue. I didn't hesitate to share my opinion even the criminology class. The professor penalized me for it and gave me a relatively low grade, even though I was the only student who cited outside resources i.…

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