Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Plastic Ring VS The Diamond Ring: Small Things Matter.

Yesterday, I was heading to one of my favorite coffee shops;  East Village Coffee Lounge, to meet my friend, Alison.
I like that coffee shop because it is warm and inviting. The baristas there take their time to know you and strive to make you happy. I have to admit that I like the d├ęcor too: it is rustic chic. The stone fireplace adds an extra touch of elegance to the place.  
I entered the shop, chatted with Dylan, the barista, while he was making my velvety soy latte. My latte was ready in minutes. Dylan took the time to create a “ heart” shaped foam.

My Soy Latte

I sat on the red chair facing the fireplace thinking about what Alison would talk about. I haven’t seen her for a while; we were both busy.

Where Aly and I sat. 
“Here she comes”, I said greeting her. “ Hi Aly, I haven’t seen you for ages!” I followed
“ Yes, I  know. I have a lot to share. Wait. Let me get my Jasmine tea,” Aly replied.