Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Date at 1833

“I am going to show you around the beautiful city of Monterey, where we are going to wine and dine together. Before we go, I have to warn you. I am a beautiful lady, stylish, and feisty. Some men find me intimidating! Don’t listen to them. They just don’t know how to impress a beautiful lady,” She said.
“I know how to impress a rare gem like you. You are delicate yet strong. I can tell. Where are you taking me? I will follow you to the end of the world,” He said; tall, handsome, with a captivating personality. 
“Impressive, you really know how to show admiration without submission! Well, this evening, I am taking you to 1833, located at 500 Hartnell St, in Monterey. The restaurant spreads over seven rooms. It is a two-story historical house. I like the romantic ambiance; the real candles add renaissance touch to the place, but then you look to your right and you see the contemporary bar that is lit. Sometimes, I like to sit outside around the outdoor fireplace,” She said.

“I will put my arms around you to keep you warm,” He said.

“I won’t bring my shawl then. I am wearing my red wine dress. It is a pencil skirt dress that has a deep v neck. Don’t get excited. The black lace covers everything. But, you got the idea. I am also wearing my black suede fringe booties and my fringe handbag. Wait, I need to wear my perfume. It is called Opium.  It will make you high,” She said

Restaurant 1833
“Believe me, I am already high. I am thinking of what is behind the black lace,” He said.

Arriving At 1833

“Let’s sit at the bar. How about a glass of red Zinfandel? I like the mild spicy taste along with the raspberry flavor,” She said.
“The Zinfandel goes nicely with the Everything Hawaiian Bread. Shall we order it, what do you say?" The man asked.
"The wine makes love to bread. The wine touches on the soft brioche gently yet deeply. The nuttiness from the poppy seeds feels like a warm kiss on the neck. Then, light sweetness from the bread slows down the wine to balance its spiciness,” She said. 
" Let's order it then. I want to feel the love making," The man said as he looked at the beautiful sending her an invitation with his deep look. 

 “Do you want the homemade butter? I will bravely and gallantly skip the butter. You can enjoy it,” She asked to escape the hire coming from his hazel eyes. 
" Only if you put some on my bread," The man said.
" With pleasure," The lady said as she spread the butter gently over the bread. 
"Here you go," The lady said, as she offered the bread to him, he gently touched her fingers and hand. 
Then, he looked at as he took a bit and said," I love it. Soft and warm," 
The lady smiled at him warmly. She felt he wasn't talking about the bread and butter. 

“Tell me, how does the wine taste when you drink it in one of my unique glasses?  Doesn’t it taste better in the angled rim crackle drinkware?” The lady asked, as the bartender was pouring the wine in two unique classes.
“Everything tastes better with you,” He said looking at beautiful lady. 
The Library
“Let me show you the house. Let’s go to the library. You can take your wine with you. I like the long couch with its classic style and the two big chairs," The lady said.
" Can we sit? Let's sit at the couch. I like it," the man said. 
As they sat her put his arms around her and looked at her. She smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder. They stayed seated for a couple of minutes.  
" I feel the chairs embrace the fireplace," She said.
"The style is classy yet homey," He said. 
" True.There is the more fancy dining area, the sunroom, with its long tables and white chairs. Do want to go upstairs?” She asked.
"No. I want to stay like this for the rest of my life. My arms around you, your head on my shoulder, and my fingers are running through your hair," The man said as he was running his fingers in her curly hair.
But when she looked in his eyes she said, “Oh, you are getting hungry. Do you want to share the crusted baby pork ribs? It is a unique disk, there is nothing like it in the entire peninsula!" She said.
"Tell me about this unique dish," The man asked in attempted to keep the beautiful lady next to him.
" The baby pork is wrapped in a thin pastry, lightly fried, and served with a Worcestershire dipping sauce. The sauce adds a complex layer of flavor to the pork; tangy, yet a scene of earthy freshness,” She said.
The man was a bit disappointed when the lady tried to get.  But, then he quickly said, " wait a minute, can we eat here?" 
" Yes, we can," the lady said. 
" Great," he said with relief.

After they are done with the meal, the lady said, “Why don’t I show the second floor? I like the balcony, the stylish leather booths, it is private and intimate.”

As they sat next to each other in one of the leather booths, she asked, “Ready for dessert?  How about the Fig Newton? Honey poached pear with pistachio, served with pear sorbet," She said
" It sounds like a light dessert," The man said,

"It tastes like a sweet goodnight kiss," The lady said. At this point, the man moved closer and kissed the lady gently on her lips. 

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