Friday, June 12, 2015

Teaching for the First Time

When I started teaching at Baghdad University, I was the only female teacher among 45 teachers.

Newly appointed and not being assigned to a class. The chairperson approached me, saying “can you teach legalese?” I immediately said, “ Sure, I can.”

Once he walked away, I said to myself “ What did I do? Wasn't it the class that Laser tagged their teacher, who left after 15 minutes of class?” unheard of in the School of Law, the most traditional and conservative school at Baghdad University.

“I can do it. I took that class before as a student, what was wrong with it? ”  These are the words that were in my head while trying to prepare for my class.

Monday, June 1, 2015

On the Airplane to Lebanon

I used to wait anxiously for the summer break to come, so as I could pack up my things and go my grandmother's house in Aley, (عالية) 10 miles uphill Beirut.

The Vila My Garndmother Owned

I enjoyed the trip tremendously; traveling from Baghdad Airport to Beirut Airport, walking through the duty-free shops, and sitting on the comfortable airplane seats. Before I know it, the hostess would bring me the lunch on a nice tray. Oftentimes, She would give me a coloring book too.