Sunday, May 29, 2011

Under Saddam’s Regime: An Environment Of Oppression Where Love is Lost.

In such an oppressive environment, love was lost. It was not a virtue anymore because it was for the weak,who would listen to his/ her feelings. While, many of my older cousins married for love during the 70s, my friends and I didn't.  Love, kindness, and romance were all lost values. 

Living under Saddam's Regime: My Own World VS the Hard Reality.

I lived most of my life under Saddam’s regime. Living under his regime made me feel like I was carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders. However, that weight would increase each year as I grow older.

I cannot recall that I enjoyed my childhood or youth. I always remember myself as an adult who the regime could have held responsible for her actions at any time.  Please read my post Three Things to Survive Dictatorships.